Order EP “The Abyss Gazes into You”


Vocals: Wojtek Pyć Guitar: Marcin Chuchla Guitar: Tomek Przywara Bass: Piotrek Jaskółka Drums: Marcin Grzesik

The beginnings of the band reach back to the year 2005, when Marcin Chuchla and Sebastian Szpakowski founded From Afar. The first demo was released in 2009 and this particular year can be perceived as their debut. The promotion of the recording took place through common shows with Frontside and Absynth, as well as other, local bands. The year 2010 turned out to be a big turning point for the band, since Wojtek Pyć joined From Afar and added more advanced melodic lines to the band’s characteristic rhythm, electronic inclusions and progressive patterns. The band started heading towards a new direction of darker, heavier, alternative mixture of rock and metal, undepleted of lyrical grounds. The years 2010 and 2011 strengthened From Afar’s position on the local music scene, as well as beyond it, and fructified with recording of the new material. In January 2012, From Afar has begun the promotion of the second demo, which is connected to the return of the first bassist, Piotrek Jaskółka. Now the band is full of energy and ideas, entirely ready to stand on the stage again. You can find a sample of our music on this subsite. Enjoy!

From Afar shared the stage with the following bands (in random order):

Frontside, Tune, Diaspor, Dragon’s Eye, Animus, Bad Falcon, Absynth, Mindfield, Still Life, Separated, Neuron, Effatha, Hermetic Insanity, Beliviers Never Die, Reloaded, SDC.skrzydlaści, Angel’s Sorrow, New Gephard, Paproszki, Alike, No Offence, 7Lives, Ramera, Aurora Aeris

Feel free to check out our:

Facebook profile | MySpace profile Contact: Tomek Przywara tel. 608 632 725 We’re open to show offers.

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    Dawno żadna muzyka tak długo nie chodziła mi po uszach…
    Dziękuję :)…
    Czekam na więcej!

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